Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I wasn’t there. Sometimes that’s the best place to be.
― Marty Rubin

Folks, I’ve been gone an awful long time; and if you were missing this blog, then you are probably the only one.

I had an enormous writing project I’ve been working on the last couple years, and in the blaze of its insistent demands, the feeble flickering call of lesser writings were lost. That blaze has thankfully nearly smoldered out and there is time once again to regale, inform, bewilder, and infuriate you with various signs and wonders from the great wide, world of health.

There shall be more to come, but until it does a few quick updates on all those burning questions I know you must have.

What about your dogs!?

Let’s start with the most important question first. They’re fine, but they are about 1,000 years old at this point. They are nearly deaf, sleep most of the day, and snore like trucks downshifting. Harry has grown demented in his latter days and occasionally wanders around unsure of who he is or what he meant to do. Plato believes deeply in his little heart that he is as strong and young as ever and bravely drags his back legs–which often refuse to work correctly–behind him to check on important things that he finally happened to hear.

He got it from TGI Friday's, and it smelled like meat, you see
Plato brings you his heart

Earlier in the year, their elderly lives were afflicted by the arrival of a dog we found abandoned and so took in. Loki found a permanent home with a friend and moved away, so the elderly spaniels can now sleep in peace.

Handsome devil, ain't he?
Loki rules in his new kingdom


Are you still eating in that insane way?

Yup. Still eating lots of fat, clean meat, and non-starchy vegetables. Fruit on occasion. Starchy vegetables on occasion. Ice cream for occasions. More details later.

Eating insanely, is your health still ok?

Yup. Going on five years now, I have not gained the weight back and still feel good. This has been immensely difficult year with work, pollution issues, and major life changes; but I’m mainly feeling tired and stressed. Pre-diet change, these unremitting stresses would have been unbearable. I wouldn’t eat any other way.

What has changed in the world of dietary advice over the last couple years?

Oh, how much there is to cover. More and more, sugar is vilified and good healthy fat is slowly redeeming its reputation. Butter has become so popular that there’s not enough of it. More to come on all this in ensuing posts, as well.

Until then, stay strong and be logical.


Plato says he’s hungry

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