Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A ship is safe in port, but that’s not what ships are built for.

–Grace Hopper

I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I’m stuffing myself with saturated fat and finding my lipid profile is improved and my blood pressure is down. Weight is melting off and my shape is changing.

But I’m only eating when I’m hungry.

On an active day that ends up being around 1500 calories. On a sedentary day, I can easily eat 1000 or less. On a really active day, I might eat well over 2000.

And now the chorus begins: Well, you’re losing weight because you’re eating so few calories!

I knew you were going to say that. I know you believe in calories in/calories out = weight loss/weight gain. How many times have I seen your sometimes condescending, sometimes hateful, sometimes well-meaning comments in response to news articles featuring anyone overweight? Comments that range from:

What a pig! Stop stuffing yourself with fat you ^@&*$*^$!! I’m not @*@#&% paying for your (#*@&@% healthcare!


It’s simple folks: just eat fewer calories than you use. It’s not rocket science. There’s no excuse for this.

Of course if I cornered you and demanded an explanation for why–before I started eating this way–eating several hundred calories fewer than I needed in a day resulted in not only no weight loss, but actual weight gain, you (if you were a nutritionist or a member of the Vegan Hezbola) would likely sniff at me that I am underestimating my caloric intake because that’s what fat people do.

It’s a polite way to say we’re liars. (We’ll get to this in another post)

And if I cornered you and demanded an explanation of why–since I started eating this way–I can have random days, and even strings of days, during holidays or other special occasions, of eating well over 3000 calories a day without seeing the slightest weight gain?

Or if I mentioned that when I’m very active, I see the least weight loss?

Or the more fat I eat, the faster I lose weight?

But enough about me.

Let’s talk about a gentleman from the UK named Sam Feltham.

Mr. Feltham is so convinced that calories in/calories out is a flawed equation, so convinced that eating fat won’t make you fat, that he’s taken upon himself to eat over 5,000 calories a day for 21 days–most of those calories in fat.

He’s charting his mean weight for each day (morning and evening weighin averaged) as well as his mean waist measurement. He’s also tracking the total progress in a chart, along with the amount of weight he “should” be gaining by overeating this much fat, if the calories in/calories out model is correct.

He’s just over halfway through is experiment, and I suggest you check it out here.

Plato says he’s hungry

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