Thank Goodness…

….someone else has noticed. Noticed the complete idiocy of calling obesity a disease. TIME, specifically.

I especially appreciate their noticing, and stating, the following things:

1. It’s insane to say that people at a BMI of 29 are fine, but once you cross over to BMI 30 you suddenly “have a disease.”

2. Yes, there are certain health risks associated with obesity. Metabolic syndrome things, like high triglycerides and high blood pressure. But how can obesity be causing those things when 25% of “normal” weight people also have those symptoms, and 50% of “overweight” people and 30% of “obese” people don’t have them at all?

Obesity isn’t a cause, and it isn’t a disease. It’s just one of many symptoms.

Full article here.

One thought on “Thank Goodness…

  1. Well that article basically blows the latest stupidity of naming obesity a disease out of the water. But that’s a rare article both in its content and thought processes displayed. Maybe it’s a sign we are getting older and mature or something. I’ve noticed that 95% of what’s written in media appeals to people with an intellectual level of less than 9 years old. The ability to even think let alone notice that something written is mindless is fast being relegated to the waste bin in history. It’s as if the authors of most news articles I see actually expect you to first shut off your brain before reading what they wrote. That’s about the only way it is possible to get all the way through their articles.

    Anyway, one benefit of the entire world going brain dead is that some of us will find ourselves near the top intellectually if for nothing other than not being a zombie like everyone else.

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