When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools. 

― William Shakespeare

When you have a blog, you get spam in the comments. Thankfully there are two things that work in our favor:

1. The vast majority of people who try to post these spam comments seem to be a whole, giant step down in intelligence and capability from the people who send you the spam emails. And that’s saying a lot. They are incapable of even deceiving a computer; which brings me to #2:
2. WordPress has an excellent spam filter.

So there you have it.

Our first example was posted as a comment to Finishing up Cholesterol. It’s from “Injury Law,” who helpfully comments:

No matter if some one searches for his essential thing,
so he/she desires to be available that in detail, so that thing is maintained over here.

I’ve got water, food, oxygen, safety…when the zombie apocalypse hits, just head over here.

Hello,I saw your blog named “Exercise | Ask Me How It Happened” like every week. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up! And you can see my website about 偷拍.

If only that were the name of my blog….

In response to Knowledge, Not Numbers, “International Removals” says:

They operate from China and Russia, and are totally without morals or scruples.
Benzo fury is a chemical compound that is available everywhere.
Even so the trends are commuting and more and more
people prefer to purchase drugs from Online Stores.
If someone was seriously injured or severely ill, then also he had to go to take the medications or to depend upon someone to
bring the drugs for them.

I only take moral and scrupulous chemical compounds myself. However, I’m thinking of taking Benzo Fury as a pen name.

Speaking of chemistry and China:

Hi,I read your blogs named “Fallout | Ask Me How It Happened” daily. Your humoristic style is spectacular, keep up the good work! And you can see our website about 高中化學.

I just can’t think how a website in Chinese about high school chemistry would be of interest to someone writing entirely in English, but then again perhaps high school chemistry information won’t be what I’d see if I clicked on it…

I have to cut this comment as it was so very long. But some parts are worth it:

http://(deleted)/northfaceoulet.(deleted) It will help the eyes look bigger if you line the crease barely above the actual crease. Now for the hard part. Use liquid eyeliner to put a thin line on the top lash line. Fit is ParamountShoes that fit correctly will give you the best support and stability and will be most effective in protecting your spine….The contract I have to admit that I personally signed. The original contract when it is the most difficult days. The companies that advance signing bonuses to help yourself busy.. This move really angry whole body murderous. Who not listen to advice bent to set an example to get these hit the muzzle of the barbarian flag ceremony. That has never been the extreme Relax, sense. Make Lu Ying whole body yu body bursts the hemp soft Jiao crisp. Deeply ** depths it is so full, tight inflation. North Face Borealis…Ten minutes later, the Saito army to the south of the Kiso River opposite. Still with a bow and arrow as a prologue, two W in all five guns enough light square lined three different formation together pressure up! Now is the rainy season, the Kiso River water is deep and urgent, river has usually twice. Saito Army soldiers and support each other in close formation travels fast striker boarded ink.

I know I feel angry whole body murderous whenever someone offers me a giant signing bonus. Thankfully, Lu Ying whole body Yu is there to help me burst the hemp of my soft Jaio crisps. Without that, I could never achieve extreme Relax.

extreme Relax
extreme Relax

3 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. It will help the feet stink bigger if you line the toes barely above with actual cheese. Now for the hard part of moving. Use liquid gasoline to fill a thin tank on the top splash line. Fill is ParamountShells that burn correctly will give you the best mileage and stability and will be most effective in protecting your engine…

    The companies that advance signing bonuses to help yourself makes no sense.. This move really angry whole body murderous sounds great to me. Who do not listen to advice but store hoards of stuff for me to move is not setting an example. Mountains of things hit the muzzle of my anti-barbarian flag ceremony. The whole matter of achieving the extreme Relax makes sense. Make Plato and Harry whole body happy. This bursting the hemp soft Jiao crisp sounds interesting, but I admit to know not much about it.

    Finally, I have no idea what the Saito army to the south of the Kiso River is, but that also sounds interesting. Now is definitely not the rainy season, so the Kiso River water isn’t too deep or urgent, KS river is actually just a creek.

    I couldn’t resist the humor. Hope all is well.

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