The Wisdom of Crowds

Tom Naughton has put his recent speech at Springfield college up on Youtube. This is 45 minutes that are worth your time, as he explains how we went from a nation where people knew pretty much what to eat from experience and common wisdom, to one that is disgustingly fat and sick after The Anointed told us all how to eat; and why we’re going back again.

It’s an easy watch/listen (throw it on while you’re doing the dishes or something if you don’t have time to sit and look at it).

3 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Crowds

  1. Wow, just wow. Wisdom of crowds sounds like the next interesting subject in need of some reading. It’s something an engineer friend of mine and I have discussed at great length because this very attitude(common in engineers) is what keeps a lot of progress from happening. The experts(CEO’s owners, bosses, and some engineers) are too blind to realize that the answers to most of their design problems are beneath them. I suspect that many things in life are like this……

    1. Yeah, I agree. Sowell’s book may be one of the next ones on my list. After I get done the Christmas books and everything. The Roommate and I were just talking about this in relation to her bosses at work, too. They don’t seem intelligent enough to grasp that if they were exceptionally skilled at her job and that of the other editors and linguist experts, then they would have those jobs instead of the one they have. To them, “boss” means “I am more skilled than anyone else in every position at our company,” instead of “I have management skills and I’m supposed to be managing and directing people who have other sets of skills than I have.” The whole company suffers because they don’t realize this, and they keep wanting to fix things that don’t need to be fixed, in the process lowering the quality to their level of language and editing ability–which is awful.

      1. It’s not unique to those bosses in that location. This happens frequently enough here in companies too, if not on the highest levels of management, then definitely on some of the lower levels. It’s that whole Anointed/attitude/pride/blindness thing repeated over and over again.

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